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Российские учёные открыли новые бактерии для защиты сельхозкультур

На основе выделенных штаммов будут разрабатывать биопрепараты для повышения урожайности
Михаил павлович

Очередная пустышка: нет строго специфичных антигенов у опухоли. Уверен - метод не специфичен.

Автор сам себе противоречит. Он говорит, что у молодых ученых (аспирантов) стипендия меньше прожиточного

20062013 How Neural Stem Cells Create New and Varied Neurons

A new study examining the brains of fruit flies reveals a novel stem cell mechanism that may help explain how neurons form in humans

06062013 Uproar over chemical exposure advice for pregnant women

Pregnant women should avoid exposure to common environmental chemicals, including BPA, despite conceding that the risks of such exposures are unknown and unlikely to be «truly harmful to most babies»

29052013 Small molecule could have big impact on cancer

Dr. Jung-Mo Ahn has designed and synthesized a novel small molecule that might become a large weapon in the fight against prostate cancer

21052013 Diabetes and the NHS

National spotlight for York research into cost of diabetes treatment

14052013 Human brain frontal lobes not relatively large, not sole center of intelligence

Human intelligence cannot be explained by the size of the brain's frontal lobes, say researchers

07052013 Lean green microbe machines

For its proponents, algae hold the promise of a green and clean source of fuel, food and even drugs. Anthony King wades into the evidence

30042013 New Methods to Explore Astrocyte Effects On Brain Function

Existing research tools can be used to monitor calcium signals associated with interactions between astrocytes and neurons or blood vessels

19042013 High-Salt Diet and Ulcer Bug Combine to Increase Risk of Cancer

High dietary salt combined with infection by the ulcer-causing bacterium Helicobacter pylori greatly increases the risk of cancer

11042013 New study suggests social status, ethnicity and maternal age can predict which women are at an increased risk of operative births in the UK

Independent maternal demographic factors can predict the likelihood of operative births in the UK

05042013 Oxford Scientists Print 3D Materials Resembling Biological Tissues

A three-dimensional material could one day mimic the behavior of living cells in tissues, new research shows


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