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Российские учёные открыли новые бактерии для защиты сельхозкультур

На основе выделенных штаммов будут разрабатывать биопрепараты для повышения урожайности
Михаил павлович

Очередная пустышка: нет строго специфичных антигенов у опухоли. Уверен - метод не специфичен.

Автор сам себе противоречит. Он говорит, что у молодых ученых (аспирантов) стипендия меньше прожиточного

07112011 Model of enzyme’s structure could spur new therapies

Scientists have determined the structure of an enzyme complex that regulates vital cell functions. Disregulation of such complexes is associated with diseases such as cancer and Alzheimer’s.

03112011 Bacteria may readily swap beneficial genes

Microbes have developed a quick and effective way to exchange genetic information coding for antibiotic resistance, other functions.

01112011 Fetal gene screening comes to market

Non-invasive procedure could make prenatal testing easier, but it comes with ethical problems.

28102011 $10 Million Archon Genomics X PRIZE to Sequence 100 Centenarians’ DNA and Announces Medco as Presenting Sponsor

Unprecedented Competition to Sequence 100 Centenarians Will Help Usher in a New Era of Personalized Medicine by Defining a “Medical Grade” Genome

27102011 Argument over RNA editing study deepens

The geneticist whose claimed to find a new mechanism of genetic regulation is defending her work against critics.

17102011 Bacteria Genetically Engineered to Grow in Stripes

Scientists can control the number of stripes in the bacterial bulls-eye by tweaking a single gene

14102011 New probe throws light on cellular lipids

Scientists in the US have developed a new sensor that can track and measure lipids in living cells.

08102011 Mice Stem Cells Guided into Myelinating Cells by the Trillions

Process paves way for research, possible treatments of ms and more

07102011 Longevity genes challenged

Do sirtuins really lengthen lifespan?

01102011 Global Markets for Contract Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, Research And Packaging: Focus on Emerging Markets

Global Markets for Contract Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, Research And Packaging: Focus on Emerging Markets


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