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Российские учёные открыли новые бактерии для защиты сельхозкультур

На основе выделенных штаммов будут разрабатывать биопрепараты для повышения урожайности
Михаил павлович

Очередная пустышка: нет строго специфичных антигенов у опухоли. Уверен - метод не специфичен.

Автор сам себе противоречит. Он говорит, что у молодых ученых (аспирантов) стипендия меньше прожиточного

10052012 Scientists Identify Neurotranmitters That Lead to Forgetting

While we often think of memory as a way of preserving the essential idea of who we are, little thought is given to the importance of forgetting to our wellbeing, whether what we forget belongs in the «horrible memories department» or just reflects the minutia of day-to-day living

25042012 Scientists Develop Antidote For Cocaine Overdose

Scientists at The Scripps Research Institute have shown that an injectable solution can protect mice from an otherwise lethal overdose of cocaine

18042012 Trust pushes for open access to research

One of the world's largest research charities, the Wellcome Trust, is to support efforts by scientists to make their work freely available for all

11042012 «Universal» vaccine that could beat 90 per cent of cancers is tested on humans for first time

Vaccine triggered greater immunity to cancer cells in trial patients

04042012 Scientists Link Gene Mutation to Autism Risk

Members of a team conducting autism studies: from left, Evan E. Eichler, Dr. Jay A. Shendure and Brian O’Roak of the University of Washington

28032012 Exercise brings on DNA changes

Breaking a sweat can activate genes that make energy-regulating proteins

21032012 Team discovers how bacteria resist «Trojan horse» antibiotic

A new study describes how bacteria use a previously unknown means to defeat an antibiotic. The researchers found that the bacteria have modified a common «housekeeping» enzyme in a way that enables the enzyme to recognize and disarm the antibiotic

14032012 The Smallest Revolution: 5 Recent Breakthroughs in Nanomedicine

Nanotechnology is a cutting-edge advancement within science and engineering. It is not a single field but an intense collaboration between disciplines to manipulate materials on the atomic and molecular level

07032012 Brain food: Study provides further confirmation that eating fish is good for you

Structural brain aging associated with lack of omega-3 acids in diet

01032012 Cellular aging increases risk of heart attack and early death

Every cell in the body has chromosomes with so-called telomeres, which are shortened over time and also through lifestyle choices such as smoking and obesity


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