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Российские учёные открыли новые бактерии для защиты сельхозкультур

На основе выделенных штаммов будут разрабатывать биопрепараты для повышения урожайности
Михаил павлович

Очередная пустышка: нет строго специфичных антигенов у опухоли. Уверен - метод не специфичен.

Автор сам себе противоречит. Он говорит, что у молодых ученых (аспирантов) стипендия меньше прожиточного

10112012 Study reveals rate at which key genetic deletions contribute to male infertility

A large-scale analysis of Y chromosomes from more than 20,000 men finds that two spontaneously recurring deletions along a complex region of the Y chromosome are responsible for approximately 8% of cases of failed sperm production

09112012 Cancer Immunity Insights Might Derive from Study of Blind Mole Rats

The cells of these cancer-immune rats reach a point at which they die en masse in a bout of cell suicide. The process could provide some clue to how to activate the same process in human cells

06112012 Gene switch important in cancer discovered

Scientists at Karolinska Institutet in Sweden and the University of Helsinki in Finland have shown that the «switches» that regulate the expression of genes play a major role in the development of cancer

30102012 Cheap, Ultra-Sensitive Colour Test Spots Early HIV, Cancer

Researchers in the UK have developed a «naked eye» colour test for virus and disease biomarkers that is ten times more sensitive than current gold standard methods

23102012 Mustard plant can hold nerve agent secrets

UK scientists have shown that plants can be used to detect nerve agents

17102012 Cold Viruses Point the Way to New Cancer Therapies

New findings by a team of scientists at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies suggest that cold viruses might be a valuable ally in the fight against cancer

09102012 Genetic Mutation Linked to Psychiatric Disease and Obesity

McGill researchers have identified a small region in the genome that conclusively plays a role in the development of psychiatric disease and obesity

03102012 Scientists create cow that produces hypoallergenic milk

Allergic to milk? A genetically engineered cow from New Zealand may be here to help

27092012 York cancer scientists discover link between prostate cancer and vitamin A

Cancer scientists at the University of York have shown a link between prostate cancer and vitamin A for the first time

24092012 Gene linked to age-related degeneration of intervertebral discs identified

Researchers at King's College London have for the first time identified a gene linked to age-related degeneration of the intervertebral discs in the spine


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